Pronto Xi Mobile Sales

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Pronto Xi Mobile Sales

Sell more. Serve better.

CRM combined with Sales and performance visualisation capabilities give your sales representatives the most powerful and streamlined all in one tool to maximise their selling potential.

What is Pronto Xi Mobile Sales?

Pronto Xi Mobile Sales is the ultimate companion for sales professionals in the field. It provides access to customer sales and account manager related activities when it’s needed most, as well as real-time information about product availability and customer specific pricing.

With seamless integration to Pronto Xi CRM, Pronto Xi Mobile Sales offers a complete customer profile view with access to sites, contacts, transactions and the ability to maintain scheduled and ad hoc activities on the road.

Through its advanced business-to-business (B2B) capability, it’s easy to enter sales orders that adhere to business standards and controls such as credit limits and restrictions. Sales professionals can review outstanding orders and balances to provide a well-rounded service to their clients.

A powerful mobile sales rep console with a customised dashboard makes it easier to track progress and remain on target. Reps can see their top clients, products and prior sales at a glance, as well as their sales progress MTD and YTD.

Pronto Xi Mobile Sales is an innovative, intuitive solution that is accessed via a web-based portal, making it easy to deploy.

Benefits at a glance
  • Sales teams close deals faster.
  • Responsive design for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • Marketing manage campaigns and track lead generation.
  • Control inventory and pricing in the ERP and have it reflected online.
  • Online quoting and sales order entry which is streamlined directly into your ERP.
  • Sales representatives can maintain their accounts and contacts and see the latest information.
  • Review and manage your sales representatives to ensure optimal team performance.
  • Sales representatives can plan their day in advance.

Some of the things you’ll find on Pronto Xi Mobile Sales

Take the Lead

With Pronto Xi Mobile Sales, you’ll be able to optimise revenue, profitability and customer satisfaction through improved management of operations and better communication with customers. Analyse customer and prospect needs, as well as easily identifying customers who need the most attention. Pronto Xi Mobile Sales drives Omnichannel initiatives through clear definition of customer behaviour whether it be on the sales floor or online shopping basket.

Having Pronto Xi Mobile Sales integrated with the wider Pronto Xi ERP solution provides a unique point of differentiation in the marketplace. From increased functionality such as access to debtor information, sales transactions through to providing a solution for industries such as service and project, Pronto Mobile Sales ensures there’s always ‘one source of the truth’ when interacting with customers.

Manage relationships from anywhere

Good business relationships are based on open communication and ready responsiveness. Pronto Xi Mobile Sales improves both by giving your staff easy access to key Customer Relationship Management data while they’re on the road. Key stakeholders in the office can also access information from the field to support, track, report and ensure pipelines are filled. Your sales teams can easily also monitor vital metrics on monthly and yearly basis such as:

  • Number of leads and opportunities.
  • Value of leads and opportunities
  • Value and quantity of opportunities lost
  • Value and quantity of sales
  • Top accounts
  • Top sales
  • Top products
  • Personal performance
  • Uses ‘mobile responsive’ designs (streamlined for iPad and iPhone use)
  • Accessible from any modern browser
  • Users can logon on behalf of any customer in their territory
  • Once logged in on behalf of the customer, the user can:
    • Browse products restricted to the customer
    • View prices specific to the customer
    • View stock levels from multiple warehouses
    • View customer’s sales order history
    • View customer’s address and current balance
    • Raise a sales order
    • Save and access template orders created for the customer
    • Copy past orders to a new template order
    • Allow price overrides at the line level on an order

Organised activity planning reduces travel time and lifts sales productivity. Sales opportunity management captures the complete story ensuring pipelines and strategic information gathered in the field is available for key stakeholders to track and report.

Order Fulfilment

Since Pronto Xi Mobile Sales streamlines the order creation process with no manual intervention, it’s the most scalable option and a big contributor to customer satisfaction. Your customer’s orders could be ready to pick in your warehouse and their credit card payment sitting in your ERP as a cash receipt within minutes of them buying through your representatives.

Broad eCommerce functionality

To help your customers get exactly what they want, there are dynamic product searching and search refinement tools. The simple 5-stage checkout process is compatible with multiple payment options. Pronto Xi Mobile Sales allows you to include coupons, upselling, price matching, and much more.

Easy administration

Add new accounts, contacts, sites and products and attach images and change their details on the fly. Edit your site user’s details, including name, email, password, user roles and set and manage the Pronto Debtor and your sales representatives for linking back into your Pronto Xi. Manage customer-driven content, such as template orders, and more importantly, have visibility on sales orders, quotes, order history and invoicing information sent to your customers. Keep track of your pipeline and conversions. Manage logged in and logged out users, and define the content that each kind of user sees, all with a few clicks of the button.

Synchronised data

Compatible with supported Pronto Xi, synchronised data access is available by individual record or in bulk. Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) transactions are supported as Pronto Xi Mobile Sales prospects, accounts, contacts, campaigns, activities, pricing, inventory and warehousing all stays in step with Pronto Xi.

Application Programming Interface (APIs)

Pronto Xi Mobile Sales uses a suite of APIs calls which are http-based and available online, so web transactions can continue if Pronto Xi is unavailable. Transaction data is seamlessly synchronised between the cloud and Pronto Xi within minutes as Pronto Xi Mobile Sales has an inbuilt engine that stays fully synchronised with Pronto Xi. These data transactions are facilitated by Pronto Connect.

Integrated with Pronto Connect

Pronto Connect delivers the web-services architecture that allows Pronto Xi Mobile Sales the opportunity to interface with Pronto Xi. The industry-standard Web Services and Application Programming Interfaces (REST-based APIs) means Pronto Xi Mobile Sales is connected with what’s important for your business. Data integrity and upgrade support are ensured and since the foundation uses Pronto Xi Rapid Application Development (RAD), Pronto Xi Mobile Sales can extend the Pronto Xi business logic and create custom APIs that are specific for your business integration needs.