CRM Integration


CRM Integration

Manage your relationships from anywhere

Good business relationships are based on open communication and ready responsiveness. With CRM integration we can improve both by giving your staff easy access to key Customer Relationship Management data while they’re on the road.

Take the Lead

Good business relationships are based on open communication and ready responsiveness. CRM integration improves your business by giving your staff easy access to key Customer Relationship Management data while they’re on the road.

With CRM integration, you’ll be able to optimise revenue, profitability and customer satisfaction through improved management of operations and better communication with customers. Analyse customer and prospect needs, as well as easily identifying customers who need the most attention. CRM integration drives Omnichannel initiatives through clear definition of customer behaviour whether it be on the sales floor or web shopping basket.

Integrating CRM with your web application and the wider Pronto Xi ERP solution provides a unique point of differentiation in the marketplace. From increased functionality such as access to debtor information, sales transactions through to providing a solution for industries such as service and project. This ensures there’s always ‘one source of the truth’ when interacting with customers.

Key stakeholders in the office can also access information from the field to support, track, report and ensure pipelines are filled. Your key executives and teams can easily monitor vital CRM metrics such as:

  • Number of leads and opportunities
  • Value of leads and opportunities by sales executive

By introducing CRM into the online ecosystem we can manage each customer as their own entity and potentially a larger hierarchical structure. From basic information to attaching a list of attributes this can assists us in identifying them when we run reports or formulate campaigns.

Embrace digital Convergence

Understanding and embracing digital convergence as part of your broader strategy will enhance the ecosystem. Reports have shown that between 60 and 90 precent of customers research products online prior to making a purchase. Given that number it makes sense to understand how customers are using your website. Encourage existing customers to log in and incentivise them to answer questions that are then captured as CRM attributes. Are you giving your customers a personalised, interactive experience that arouses their interest enough to spend more time on site and increase their loyalty?

Personalise the customer experience

Are your team members speaking to your customers directly or are they just there to collect money. Via a CRM integrated application you can provide them a snapshot of a customer’s recent purchases or any notes that might assist them, for example of a recent return or ongoing issue? We’ve all experienced the scene where a customer is frustratingly trying to describe a situation to a team member that wasn’t present previously. I can only guess what is going on in the customers mind as they build up their frustration.

Promotions that hit the mark

Are you sending out blanket promotions in the hopes someone will respond? Having a integrated CRM system in place to capture spending patterns provides your businesses with the most effective opportunity to reach out and create a long term relationship. Loyalty is in itself rewarding effort, so it makes sense to return the same level of effort back to your customer. Reward them by providing promotions and incentives that speak directly to them. For example data mine customers that purchase books regularly and SMS them a special offer on a latest release.

Sell, service, and market like never before.

The fact is our customers are constantly speaking to us via their activity; it’s our job to listen and capitalise on it. Integrating CRM into your retail ecosystem means that their buying pattern, attributes and interests are stored in a central repository and provides us with the best opportunity to reward their loyalty.