Avenue 7

Avenue 7

The power to achieve your vision

We've made Pronto Xi Avenue 7 a complete ecosystem for business to connect to their most loyal and enthusiastic customers.

The latest version of Avenue has been released and is called Pronto Xi Avenue 7. It's a complete ecosystem for anyone who aims to build a digital presence for their ecommerce business. Avenue 7 creates an enviornment that encourages compelling content so business can connect to their most loyal and enthusiastic customers. Avenue 7 is backwards compatible to Pronto Xi 700 and has a number of exciting features that customers can leverage when upgrading their software. Some of the new features included in Avenue 7 are:

  • Using Pronto Connect
  • Administration console redesign incorporating
    • Admin user role definitions
    • Audit capability
  • Major technical performance improvements due to:
    • Threaded HTTP servers
    • HTTP streaming enhancements
    • Page serving speed enhancements
    • Numerous fixes
  • Enhanced API support
  • Support for Pronto Xi 730.1

Please contact your Avenue consultant to find out how we can make these new features work for you.