Pronto Ready for your business

Seamless ecommerce integration for growing businesses

One integrated ecosystem for growing businesses

With customer convenience increasingly dictating every purchasing decision, the rules of retail success are transforming before our eyes. The lines between in-store and online are being blurred, as a result, customer loyalty now hinges on your ability as a retailer to deliver a consistently outstanding customer experience at every touchpoint. Powerful technology can help you to achieve an omni-channel retail strategy economically and with speed, giving your business a clear advantage.

How it works

Pronto Ready provides a front-end ecommerce solution that’s fully integrated with powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for your back-of-house systems. Your ERP can also seamlessly connect to our in-store Point of Sale (POS) system or mobile application. This means there is only ever one source of truth across all platforms for everything from inventory, to customer relationship management (CRM) as well as pricing and promotions.

Our integrated ecommerce and back office applications are delivered on our cloud infrastructure, reducing your IT overheads and resourcing requirements.

We can also easily add functionality for other aspects of your business. This includes a POS module and iOS app for in-store sales, a CRM system to record your leads and opportunities or payroll software to manage your staff. We can even provide you with your own Business Intelligence Designer to create customised reports that complement the reports and KPI widgets provided in our out-of-the-box solution.

How you benefit

  • Clear visibility over all operations with synced, consistent data across all systems and customer touch points.
  • Grow with ease by being able to easily switch from Pronto Ready to Pronto Xi Enterprise ERP seamlessly when the time is right and as your business expands.
  • Easy and affordable implementation services that minimise deployment timeframes and costs without sacrificing quality.
  • One system partner managing your core retail engine with access to Pronto Software’s Australian based support team. Our consultants have retail industry specific expertise to guide your expansion into new channels and so on.