Make your processes effortless


Native pre-built integrations

Pronto Xi Avenue has the advanced tools and native, pre-built integrations out of the box that allow you to maintain momentum by connecting to your existing ERP. As part of the Pronto community, we spe-cialise in seamlessly integrating Pronto Xi with Avenue or other ecommerce platforms to provide con-sistent data and more efficient that allow them to run their entire business from end-to-end.

Fuel Your Business’ Engine For Fast Success

With Avenue, your business can use its existing branding, inventory and customer data to generate a wholesale storefront. ERP software provides the holistic overview every business needs and is de-signed to provide a rich overview of all applications running within an organisation’s information system.

Avenue is an integral part of any thriving wholesale ecommerce business as it helps you to:

  • Automate set minimum, maximum and quantity increments for every product
  • Apply minimum purchase amounts
  • Sync inventory, orders and customers automatically with existing admin or other third-party software

Gain real time snapshots on demand

In addition to tracking KPIs in real-time, snapshots can integrate business departments by monitoring workflow, identifying duplication and ensuring data integrity. With Avenue, gaining on-demand, real time snapshots of what’s happening in the back-end of your business is easy. This provides you with a competitive advantage by helping you to make faster and smarter decisions that are data driven. The best ERP systems automate tasks that allow employees to spend more of their time on work that adds value.